Maximum Capacity Specifications for SQL Server 2008 R2

Database size: 524,272 terabytes; File size (data): 16 terabytes; File size (log):2 terabytes; XML Indexes: 249; User Connections: 32,767;

Parameters per SP: 2100; Parameters per UDF: 2100; Rows per table: available storage;

Columns per table: 1024; Columns per SELECT: 4096; Columns per INS/UPD: 4096; DB/instance of SQL: 32,767;

Filegroups per database: 32,767; Files per database: 32,767; Nested subqueries: 32; Nested trigger levels: 32; Clustered indexes per table: 1;

Nonclustered indexes/table: 999; Columns or expressions in a GROUP BY WITH CUBE or WITH ROLLUP statement: 10;

Tables per database: Limited by number of objects in a database, Total number of objects in a database: 2,147,483,647;

Columns per index: 16, Columns per foreign key: 16, Columns per primary key: 16, Partitions per partitioned table or index: 1000;

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