MSSQL Configuring the Server

This will control server-wide settings, such as how SQL Server interacts with hardware, how it multi-threads within Windows, and whether triggers are permitted to fire other triggers. When configuring the server, keep in mind the goals of configuration: consistency and performance. Graphically, many of the server options may be configured within the Server Properties page, which you can open by right-clicking a server in the console tree and choosing Properties from the context menu. The General tab in Management Studio’s SQL Server Properties dialog reports the versions and environment of the server.
-Many of the server properties are set by means of the sp_configure system stored procedure. When executed without any parameters, this procedure reports the current settings. The extended stored procedure xp_msver reports additional server and environment properties. The information returned by sp_configure is settable, but the information returned by xp_msver is not.

-SELECT name, minimum, maximum, value, value_in_use FROM sys.configurations WHERE is_advanced = 1 ORDER BY name;

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