MSSQL DBCC- Database Console Commands

DBCC: Microsoft SQL Server Database Console Commands (DBCC) are used for checking database integrity, performing maintenance operations on databases, tables, indexes, and filegroups, and collecting and displaying information during troubleshooting issues.
.The first DBCC command to become familiar with is the DBCC HELP command, which returns the syntax and all the options for any DBCC command. The following command returns the syntax for DBCC CHECKDB: DBCC HELP (‘CHECKDB’);
.In earlier versions of SQL Server, DBCC stood for “Database Consistency Checker”—now it is renamed “Database Console Commands.”
.DBCC commands have been around for a long, long time. Its way easier to add a DBCC command than it is to add any other way of getting SQL Server to do something through T-SQL.
-DBCC commands can be categories into 4 groups as follows:-
•Maintenance: Maintenance tasks on a database, index, or filegroup.
•Miscellaneous: Miscellaneous tasks such as enabling trace flags or removing a DLL from memory.
•Informational: Tasks that gather and display various types of information.
•Validation: Validation operations on a database, table, index, catalog, filegroup, or allocation of database pages.

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