MSSQL Query Plan Reuse

It is expensive for the Server to generate execution plans every time, so SQL Server will keep and reuse plans wherever possible. As they are created, plans are stored in a section of memory called the plan cache. When a query is submitted to the server, an estimated execution plan is created by the optimizer. Once that plan is created, and before it gets passed to the storage engine, the optimizer compares this estimated plan to actual execution plans that already exist in the plan cache. If an actual plan is found that matches the estimated one, then the optimizer will reuse the existing plan, since it’s already been used before by the query engine. This reuse avoids the overhead of creating actual execution plans for large and complex queries or even simple plans for small queries called thousands of times in a minute. Execution plans are not permanent. Certain events and actions can cause a plan to be recompiled. It is important to remember this because recompiling execution plans can be a very expensive operation. Execution plans are not kept in memory forever. They are slowly aged out of the system using an “age” formula that multiplies the estimated cost of the plan by the number of times it has been used (e.g. a plan with a cost of 10 that has been referenced 5 times has an “age” value f of 50).

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