Lightweight and powerful, collect server and database events, easy to configure, and cool. A SQL Server Audit object is a bucket that collects the audit events defined by a Server Audit Specification and Database Audit Specification, and sends the audited events to a target. The Server Audit object describes the target for audit data, plus some top-level configuration settings. Think of a Server Audit object as the declaration of the audit sink, or destination. This destination can be a file, the Windows Application log, or the Windows Security log.
-The Server Audit Specification object describes what to audit. It associated with a server audit in order to define where the audit data is written. There is a one-to-one relationship between the Server Audit Specification object and the Server Audit object.
-The Database Audit Specification also what to audit. This object is focused on actions which occur in a specific database. Where the audit data is written is defined by the association of a database audit specification with a Server Audit object. Each database audit specification can
be associated with only one server audit. To create multiple Database Audit Specifications there must be multiple SQL Audits. All these Audit Specifications can be enabled or disabled.

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